Since 2011, Rescued for Life is diligently working to save the lives of dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. 

Dog Adoptions That Last
by finding the right match
— Rescued for Life


Our Mission

Life wasn't kind to most of the dogs entering our Shelter system, leaving them with emotional and physical scaring.
To many are immediately adopted out , before being rehabilitated just to find themselves a few weeks, month or years later in the system again facing the inevitable "death".
Rescued for Life is diligently working to change that through our mission to give the dog the time and extra care needed to detect and treat underlining issues resulting in a variety behavioral problems.
Rehabilitation and training are the key elements leading to a long and happy life for the dog, and a lasting, joyful relationship with its owner.

Rescued for Life is licensed with the Colorado Secretary of State and is a 501(c)3 non-profit .

RFL rescue focused on individualized medical and behavioral rehabilitation for homeless dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. Once an animal enters our program, we make a commitment to care for that individual for life.

Through this vital work, Rescued for Life:

• saves lives

• enhances the human-animal bond

• ensures successful and long-term re-homing

• gives back to the community through humane education programs

What We've Achieved

  • we treated/rehabilitated homeless dogs and placed them in loving, forever homes
  • we provided medical care, and surgery to injured dogs
  • we provided medical treatment for heart worm positive dogs
  • we found loving and caring homes for dogs with disabilities
  • we assisted members of the community if they were in need to relinquish their dog to make the best choice and guided them through a safe and less traumatizing transition.
  • we supplied veterinarian care, dog food, etc. to people in need 
  • we provided spay/neuter, surgery to stray dogs in countries outside the US
  • We have donated to/sponsored other rescues to enable them to take in dogs in desperate need