Rehoming Your Dog

Sometimes life gets rough and we have to make serious choices. In some cases, that means giving up a beloved pet. 

However, there are many ways to avoid this. Before you decide to re-home of your dog, please consider some alternatives.
The website "Keep your Pet" has lots of valuable information and resources.
Rehoming your dog should be always the last of all choices. Sometimes we are left with no other options, in this case our volunteers will assist where and when possible.

Please email your inquiry to :

If your situation does require relinquishment of a pet, here are the FAQs:

  • If you adopted the dog from Rescued for Life we'll take the dog back immediately  in any condition
  • Rescued for Life accepts dogs only;
  • Any dogs are accepted, regardless of reason;
  • There is no charge to relinquish your dog; and Donations are always appreciated to assist with cost of food and health care needs of the dog. 

    Often our foster homes are full and it is very difficult to accept another dog. In these cases and if you are able to keep the dog a while longer we will offer a courtesy listing . The dog will be posted to our website and advertised on all main search engines for dog adoptions. If you would like to set up a courtesy listing please email a set of great pictures and if possible a short video, plus a detailed description of the dog.
    Please email to: subject line - courtesy listing
    We will assist you and make sure your dog is placed into a safe, loving, forever home. You are able to use the adoption contract we make available to the public.
    Here is the Form for your review. 

    If we do have space and have agreed to take your, please fill out this Form to begin the process to relinquish your pet. Then email the form to:

    Rescued for Life volunteers ensure every pet brought into the program is placed with a good and loving home for life. This is a 100% no-kill program.