Lost or Found Dog


How to Find Your Dog...

If your dog runs away, time is not on your side. You will need to act quickly and cover as much
ground as possible in as little time as possible. Looking for a run away dog is much more
efficient if you can find someone to help you. One person can drive around and look for the dog,
and the other person can start calling animal shelters and veterinarian clinics in the area.

Animal Shelters - Denver and surrounding areas:

Aurora Animal Shelter

Denver Municipal Animal Shelter

Denver Dumb Friends League

Adams County Animal Shelter - Brighton

Humane Society of the South Platte Valley - Littleton

Foothills Animal Shelter - Golden

Dumb Friends League Buddy Center - Castle Rock

DO NOT wait any longer than 24 hours to:


You see a stray dog running at large

Sometimes we see a stray dog on our way to work or to an appointment and there is no time to capture the dog.  As we are animal lovers, the least we can do is pull over for a couple of minutes and call the local Animal Control department. Give them a description of the dog and let them know the cross streets where he/she was spotted. Below you will find the phone numbers for the Animal Control departments in the Denver Metro Area. You will also find a printable version you can keep in your car.  Later, you can also look for lost dog flyers in your neighborhood, look for adds on Craigslist, Next door or Facebook and if you feel the description fits the dog, please inform the owner when and where you saw the dog.
YOU can be of vital help in saving a life! Thank you for caring!

Animal Control - Denver Metro Areas ( printable version)


East Denver metro area

Aurora Animal Care Division                                                              

Arapahoe County Animal Control

Commerce City Police Dept.


West Denver metro area

Edgewater Police Dept.

Golden Police Dept.

Jefferson County Animal Control

Lakewood Animal Control

Wheat Ridge Police Dept.

South Denver metro area

Castle Rock Police Dept.

Centennial Animal Control

Cherry Hills Village Police Dept.

Douglas County Animal Control

Greenwood Village Police Dept.

Littleton Police Dept.

Park County Animal Control

Parker Police Dept.

Sheridan Police Dept.

North Denver metro area

Arvada Animal Control

Brighton Animal Control

Broomfield Animal Control

Federal Heights Police Dept.
303-428-3526, Ext. 253

Northglenn Animal Control

Thornton Animal Control

Westminster Animal Control
303-430-2400, Ext. 4326  

Here are some tips regarding how to get a hold of a stray dog:

Many stray dogs are frightened and confused; sometimes they are hurt and exhausted. The problem with panicked dogs is that most rescuers call the dog to try and get the dog to come to them... big mistake! Never call a stray dog. Don't look at it, don't pat your leg, and
don't walk towards the dog. If the dog has a skittish temperament, typically he is in the "fight or flight" mode and will be running in fear. The moment that the first would-be rescuer pats his/her leg, moves towards the dog, and says: "Come here, come here", the dog often will associate that body language with fear and will have an adrenaline rush.   What you want to do instead is use calming signals and try to do something to soothe and attract the dog. Lip licking, yawning, feigning like you're eating food off the ground are such signals. Be patient let the dog come to you. If the dog keeps running,
DO NOT chase the dog, but call Animal Control.


If you were able to take possession of the stray dog:

If you take the dog to the Shelter, please keep checking in to see if the owner was found. It's not the Shelter staff's job to find the owner, nor do they have the extra time to do so. If the owner hasn't picked up the dog in 48 hours, please take action and help to find the
owner by using some of the steps described above in the lost dog section. Please post local flyers, place adds in the newspaper, Craigslist, Next door, Facebook and pet recovery sites.
Some people don't feel comfortable taking the dog they found to a Shelter.  An alternative is to take the dog to a local veterinary clinic to see if the dog is micro-chipped.  Many clinics perform this service for free and in many cases the owner can be found.  If the dog has no microchip, call the Shelters and report that you have found a dog. Please provide them with a good description and if possible a picture of the dog.  To find the owner, use the same steps described above in the lost dog section. Please post local flyers, place adds in the newspaper, Craigslist, Next door, Facebook and pet recovery sites.  You might also get a professional Pet Recovery Service involved.

(Some of them offer a limited pet recovery service for free, like e-mailing to shelters and rescues, and creating flyers.)