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Can one person’s signature really make a difference? That‘s what many people wonder when they are asked to sign a petition. But when that one signature is added to another and another and another, it most definitely can. People may feel hesitant to sign a petition for a variety of reasons. Let’s consider some of these reasons.

People think their signature won’t matter.

One signature alone may not do any good, but together with many, your voice will be heard.

The petition’s decision maker will never agree.

It may be that they aren’t aware of the issues, or they may just be stubborn, but group vocal support for an issue will be heard and at least considered. Change may not be immediate, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The petition has already reached its goal for signatures.

Outgrowing the signature goal will only prove to show that there is a need for change and a lot of people are pushing for that change.

Why do we need you to sign the petitions below?

Many dog’s lives are at stake every day. Horrible living conditions and cruel treatment of dogs are only a couple of reasons why we need your help today. How will your signature help?

  • Signing a petition is a way to participate in a good cause and cause change for the future.

  • Each name adds legitimacy to the campaign.

  • Signing and sharing a petition allows your family and friends to discover and support issues that are important to them.

  • Your signature demonstrates to the decision maker that the cause is a worthwhile one and important to your community.

There are no federal laws to protect companion animals from abuse or neglect, and the lack of federal laws has resulted in individual states haphazardly doling out what they deem appropriate laws. The problem is – what some states consider appropriate justice for animal cruelty is a drop in the bucket compared to other states. Please help us to get federal legislation for equally appropriate laws and clear definition of minimum standard care between states to deter those so inclined to abuse our loving companion animals.

Please use this link to sign the " Animal Bill of Rights ". Thank you!

Calling on all Coloradans to be proactive ! Please use this link to join " Colorado Voters for Animals".

Please consider signing these petitions, and together let's create a brighter future for our four-legged friends!